Yoga Poses to Balance the Chakras

Our body has over 70,000 chakras. Each time our meridians (nadis) cross, that junction is called a chakra. Seven main chakras make up our energetic system. These 7 main chakras are energetic centers located at the endocrine glands.

When your chakras are balanced, energy is able to freely flow through your energetic system. This leads to a greater sense of peace and wellness.

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Having balanced chakras impacts your aura, or energetic field. A balanced aura will allow you to attract positive results.

Negative thoughts, feelings, foods, and inaction can adversely influence the chakras, thus our energetic health. The long term effects could lead to mental, emotional, and physical imbalances, density, or blocks in the chakras.

An individual with physical imbalances in a specific area may also reflect the imbalanced qualities associated with the connecting chakra.

In a Reiki session, the energetic centers are being balanced. By balancing these centers, the physical body would also be addressed.

Reiki energy flows to the place in the body that is imbalanced and requires healing. Placing your hands on or above the specific chakra during Reiki self-care allows the energy to be drawn in. Healing Reiki energy will then go where it is needed.

Healing yourself first is the starting point for personal development and self-discovery. Reiki is not only a tool for healing, it also brings protection and personal development.

In addition to Reiki self-treatment, there are numerous ways to balance and cleanse your crown chakra. This includes eating foods associated with the color of the chakra.

Practicing yoga can help when particular poses are focused on opening up the chakra. In addition, journaling to reflect on areas of your life that may require shifts is also important in balancing the chakra.

Just like maintaining a clean home and work environment, our chakras need to be maintained regularly too. Besides Reiki energy healing, various yoga poses can also help to balance the chakras.

Yoga poses and sequences can open and align the energy centers of the body. A well-tuned asana practice can free up energy and stimulate imbalances in the energy centers.

This not only enhances your yoga practice, but also provides a sense of balance, grounding, and calmness in life off the yoga mat.

Here are a few yoga poses to help you balance your 7 main chakras:

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First (Root) Chakra: Security & Survival

Yoga exercises: front body stretches, crow pose, chair pose

Key focus: Action speed

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Second (Sacral) Chakra: Creativity

Yoga exercises: cobra pose, butterfly, sat kriya, maha mudra

Key focus: Feelings, empathy

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Third (Navel) Chakra: Action & Balance

Yoga exercises: bow pose, fish pose, dancers pose, movements that strengthen the core  

Key focus: Thoughts, logic

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Fourth (Heart) Chakra: Love & Compassion

Yoga exercises: arm balance poses, upper torso twists, breathing exercises

Key focus: Caring, compassion

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Fifth (Throat) Chakra: Projective Power of the Word

Yoga exercises: cobra pose, plow pose, camel pose, neck stretches

Key focus: Communication, listen, create

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Sixth (Third Eye) Chakra: Intuition, Wisdom, & Identity

Yoga exercises: meditating, archer pose, all exercises where the foreheads rests on the floor

Key focus: Community

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Seventh (Crown) Chakra: Humility & Vastness

Yoga exercises: meditating, sat kriya, mahabandha

Key focus: Self Awareness, service


Ready to combine Reiki and yoga to balance all your chakras?

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