Why Do Bad Things Keep Happening?

Rough week? Heck, perhaps you’ve had a long stretch of rough months?

If you feel like you just can’t seem to catch a break, well you may be able to accelerate your manifesting to reach that breakthrough sooner than you think.

When assessing your current challenge, ask yourself, what is the lesson to be learned from the situation? The sooner your recognize it, notice how things start to fall into place.

Life is about learning how to be better people. We are all here to develop our soul and help one another do the same. As you may already know, we are all energetically connected as a collective conscious.

The lessons and purpose we learn in life may relate to advancing society in some way. This can include humanitarian, artistic, and scientific efforts.

Or it may have to do with a spiritual mission related to self-sacrifice or spreading ideas. Ascended masters such as Gandhi and Mother Theresa are personifications of this.

Perhaps you can’t see that silver lining in your current challenge just yet. And that’s perfectly fine.

After all, life is about the journey, not the destination.

Lessons can include learning how to be compassionate towards others. Other lessons include developing patience, practicing selflessness, and exercising moderation. Joy, peace, faithfulness, and unconditional love are some of the other lessons that are learned throughout a lifetime.

The primary way to learn lessons in this world is through events that force you to use traits you are meant to acquire. Thus, we have life challenges and frustrations.

For instance, having a severe food allergy may teach a person self-control. Being in a challenging office environment may teach a person about patience and self-reflection. Growing up with challenging family members may help a person learn sympathy for others.

Essentially, people are placed in our lives to help us grow and learn as well. Difficult people exist everywhere. They have to!

If we all saw eye to eye or life was just smooth sailing every day of the week, how boring would that be? There would simply be no room for personal development and spiritual growth!

Then there is free will. We all have the choice to exercise our choice to make a certain decision that is tied to a lesson. We can also make the choice not to as well.

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Either way, if we don’t learn our lessons the first time around, we can be sure we’ll be sent down a new path to learn the same lesson in a different way.

As the saying goes, wherever you go, there you are. Haven’t forgiven your sis for the past? You may be faced with learning forgiveness at the office!

Our lessons often come from the decision we make so it’s helpful to dig deep within to determine what needs to be learned. Although there is not a specific standard on how we’ll “pass” the lesson, it gives us a reason to live each day in a way that we want to be remembered.

We’re meant to make decisions on our own when we are up against temptation, negativity, or unfairness. Accordingly, karma supports us in learning lessons. When we exercise free will in a positive way, our positive behavior is reinforced.

Just remember, we can make changes when we suspect we’re off track. When doing so, our karma changes accordingly.

Ultimately, demonstrating love and compassion will allow us to be our most spiritual selves. Our intuition lets us know if we are about to make a choice that is not aligned with our truth.

If our energy is balanced, things will move more positively in our direction.

How can you tell? You’ll feel more fulfilled and at your best.

Our energy affects our soul as our actions can have a positive or negative effect on others. This energy carries a vibration that changes based on who is around us, our mood, and the foods/substances we consume.

The more positive our vibes, the more lessons we are learning and working through. As a result, our soul elevates. We can raise our vibrational frequency through acts of gratitude, laughing, and playing our favorite song. Other ways include prayer, meditation, and dancing.

Such positive activities also attract good energy back to us. That’s the law of attraction for ya! When we hold positive energy, we attract positive outcomes.

Ready to incorporate simple energy healing tips into your daily routine to raise your vibes?

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