What is Pranashakti Healing?

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Perhaps you have heard of all the various energy healing modalities out there from Reconnective healing to Reiki healing. How about Pranashakti healing?

Pranashakti Mahavidya is less known in the West but is spreading quite steadily, just as Reiki and many other energy healing sciences have been increasing in popularity over the years.

So what is Pranashakti Mahavidya?

Pranashakti means “cosmic energy” and Mahavidya means “great science.” Therefore, Pranashakti Mahavidya may be translated to “the great science of cosmic energy”.

Pranashakti healing encompasses all forms of universal energy to awaken Kundalini energy in order to clear chakras and enhance spiritual growth. Similar to Reiki, it is an ancient form of energy healing technique and accesses cosmic energies from infinite dimensions.

This form of healing enables the healer to heal at various physical and energetic levels in which the healer scans for any imbalances. As a result, recipients typically feel much more energized following treatment.

According to Guruji Sri Yogacharya Arun, founder of Infinite Dimension Charitable Trust of Chennai, India, distance Pranashakti healing can be more powerful and effective than in-person healing because the healer can focus and concentrate without distractions.

Guruji Arun, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, is also a master of yogic sciences and senior consultant of Yoga and Meditation for the Apollo Hospitals Group.

One noteworthy point during my series of Pranashakti certification trainings with Guruji Arun is that there is no healing modality that is better than the other.

As some swear by acupuncture whereas others, like myself, do not feel any difference before and after a treatment. Yet, it does not mean acupuncture is an ineffective or lower form of healing modality. Each person’s body responds differently to different modalities, be it Eastern or Western medicine.

A recipient of Pranashakti is receiving healing energy that is pure unconditional love from the Divine. The healer is merely a channel for Pranashakti not the source of Pranashakti. Some common benefits of Pranashakti healing include the following.

Physical Benefits: Benefits all organ systems by enhancing energetic flow to function at the optimum level. Pranashakthi energizes each and every cell of our body so that we will always be energetic. It also enhances immunity.

Psychological Benefits: Relief from stress, tension and anxiety and expels accumulated negative thought patterns. Helps to achieve deep relaxation.

Psychic Benefits: Balances the aura, chakras and all the subtle bodies. Self-transformation takes place as Pranashakthi is harnessed and channeled effectively.

Spiritual Benefits: Activates the Kundalini energy.

For more information on Pranashakti healing, the below workshop provides an overview of this healing modality.

Highlights during my Pranashakti courses with Guruji Arun included:

  • Spiritual transformations through Pranashakti
  • In-person and distance Pranashakti healing
  • Cleansing and deprogramming of psychic systems
  • Energizing and reprogramming of psychic systems
  • Concepts of various dimensions and infinite dimensions
  • Karmic, space, land, and planetary imbalance healing methods
  • Neutralizing and healing psychic attacks

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