Are You Going Through a Spiritual Awakening?

What is a spiritual awakening? Are you going through one?

Having been born and raised in Hawaii and growing up in a multicultural background, I grew up around holistic healing practices.

But 2012 was the year that I started working with a Reiki healer seriously. I hit rock bottom in my personal and professional life so there was really nothing to lose.

I’ve always been interested in holistic healing, but just sort of dabbled in it. When I started focusing on me and incorporating energy work into my routine between, my life was completely different by 2014.

It was a gradual yet drastic 180 degree change…all at the same time. By 2015, after taking multiple leaps of faith, I became a yoga teacher, launched Silver Lined Days, and the rest is history!

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After receiving my Reiki Masters certification, I felt like my spiritual journey was just beginning. Personally, I enjoy continuing to learn about different styles of Reiki and other forms of energy healing modalities.

I’ve studied Pranashakti healing from gurus hailing from India to local Life Force energy healers. I felt called to learn from different Reiki Masters and different types of holistic healing practices. Until this day, I am still attending holistic wellness workshops and still keep in touch with my spiritual mentors.

Through Reiki, we can find more peace and balance throughout our day. By incorporating Reiki energy into our routine, we can start living a more high-vibe lifestyle each day forward.

According to the law of attraction, we are able to attract what we want in life by holding space for that thought. By doing so, we allow the universe to deliver our goals to us.

Just as how the law of attraction operates under the premise that we can have anything we want in life, we need to hold space for that thought to allow the universe to deliver.

By holding positive energy, we attract positive results.

If you can clearly visualize your goals, dreams and desires and vibrate with the frequency of having achieved those results already, you can attract what you desire. The art of Reiki can help to achieve these results much more quickly.

First, why even raise your vibes? What does that even mean?

Raising your energetic vibrations to match the frequency of where you want to be helps you to be energetically aligned with your goals. It helps you speed up your manifestation.

And why do I stand so strongly by this principle? Well, not too long ago, I was able to tackle some big setbacks and take multiple leaps of faith to get to where I am today.

I incorporated simple yet powerful Reiki techniques into my lifestyle. I worked with energy healers who eventually taught me how to heal myself with Reiki.

reiki, reiki energy, energy healing, holistic healing, chakras, balance chakras, law of attraction,

If you haven’t come across my story, I’ll give you the short version. Basically, throughout my 20s I struggled with anxiety and bouts of depression. This was in my personal and professional life.

I was always looking for Mr Right in the wrong places. And it wasn’t just romantic relationship issues, I also struggled with keeping close friends around.

I was also miserable at my 9-5 job. I worked really hard wherever I was, public sector or private sector. Got promoted and then ended up even more unhappy taking on more responsibilities doing work that I wasn’t passionate about.

There was a whole lot of crying on Friday nights just dreading going into work on Mondays.

In 2013, I hit rock bottom yet again. By then I was in my early 30s and that made it harder because I expected my 30s to be better than my 20s by far. So my expectations kind of made me feel worse about everything.

After learning all the lessons I learned in my 20s, I figured I was older and wiser and therefore there was no way I would hit rock bottom.

But I actually sank even deeper than rock bottom. It was like I fell in a black hole. I ended a long-term relationship with a guy that I was set on marrying. Long distance just didn’t work out.

And within 7 months of the relationship ending, he met and married someone. So that hurt pretty bad even though I was the one who ended things.

My professional life was rough too. I was working overseas and traveling a lot. There was a lot of office politics going on. It was an environment with lots of passive aggressiveness and again the work itself didn’t resonate with me at all.

I hated going into work everyday. I would call in sick and had all types of excuses. At one point I said I had hives, then one time I had pink eye, I mean the list goes on.

Anyway, throughout this time, I journaled, meditated, visualized my ideal future, and look a lot of time to dig deep.

I prayed a lot and of course cried my eyes out.

After much digging, I finally recognized that my happiness, my sanity and just having that sense of peace and balance, was priceless.

I worked with an intuitive Reiki Master who was also more like a spiritual mentor. She helped me get back on my feet…for about 6 months in person and then when I moved overseas, she helped me through distance Reiki and mentoring.

Soon I got clarity on what I wanted for my ideal life. Like what I wanted in my relationships, what I wanted IN my career. I practiced daily Reiki self-care, and this includes energy work such as meditating, journaling, and visualization techniques.

And here’s what happened. I gained clarity by tapping into my intuition. Even better, there was this heaviness that lifted. What the heck was going on? At the time, I didn’t know it but I was gradually raising my vibrations to match the frequency of the next chapter in my life. And it was through the support of Universal energy.

My intuition guided me to the next steps.

I knew it was time to take a leap of faith. I decided to start over. It didn’t seem to make any sense on the surface, especially to my family and friends, but I knew this was what I needed to do.

So I walked into work one day and requested to end my contract a year early.

My managers and colleagues were so surprised because they thought I was really happy with the job. And within a few weeks, I got on a plane and left my jet setter lifestyle behind.

Half way to Washington DC, I had a 24-hour layover in Hawaii. During this time, I saw a beautiful condo that was just listed online so I emailed my realtor and told her I wanted to see this place the day I landed, which was in 12-hours.

Then I got on the plane, landed in DC, checked into my hotel, and walked over to her office.  She suggested adding a few other condos to consider since we were already in the neighborhood, but I said no. Just this one for today. After all, I just got off the plane.

Within 20-minutes of viewing, I knew that was it. I put down the offer and closed 2 weeks later. My realtor, Lisa, said it was the fastest she’s ever sold anything.

Then the next morning, I went to the car dealership. I test drove a Prius I’ve been eyeing and within 15-minutes, I bought it.  A month later, I met the love of my life through a mutual colleague.

So when it rains, it pours. But when there’s a windfall of positive results, things can fall into place just as quickly. That’s Reiki energy or universal energy for ya.

When it comes to raising your vibrations, sometimes we end up holding a lot of physical tension or have energetic blocks from our past experiences that can slow down our efforts.

I remember having all types of ailments when I was at my 9-5. I had to get a crown done because I was clenching my jaw all the time. The various ailments also included waking up with a stiff neck that would last for over a week!

So a lot of what we internalize on the energetic level can manifest in our physical body. On the physical level, learning how to channel Reiki energy can help to release these points of tension, whether it’s in the neck, shoulders, jaw, where ever.

Channeling Reiki can also help to clear some of the energetic blocks be it in the root chakra (energetic center of the body) or up to the crown chakra. All it takes is small but consistent practice to start feeling shifts!

If you have a story to share about your personal journey with Reiki, help inspire others with your story in our FaceBook Community: Ladies Inspiring Breakthroughs.

reiki, reiki energy, energy healing, holistic healing, chakras, balance chakras, law of attraction,

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