Why Did It Cost $10,000 to Become a Reiki Master?

Did you know that it could cost up to $10000 USD for a Reiki Master level training?

I don’t know about you, but $10K is a lot of money to me. And can you imagine how much $10K was equivalent to back in the 1970s? Cray cray, right? Well, some may say it’s quite reasonable.

After all, the price of a Reiki education is priceless…

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As you may already know, Reiki started off in Japan. When Takata Sensei brought Reiki trainings to the U.S. in the 1970’s, she charged all the Master level students $10K.

Takata also taught her Master level students to require a $10K fee if they trained others. If they did not charge that amount, they “would not be teaching Usui Reiki”. Pretty hard core huh?

In a 1970s interview, Takata said she wasn’t always a picture of health. When she was 35, she suffered from several illnesses, particularly asthma. She entered a hospital in Tokyo for an operation and from there learned about Reiki.

After recovery, she remained in Japan for one year and mastered the art of energy healing. During the 39 years of practicing Reiki in Hawaii, she acquired clients from all over the world.

When Takata brought Reiki to the U.S., the cultural revolution of the 60’s wasn’t completely dead. She worried that people would become Masters and try to take advantage of those who were genuinely seeking spiritual lessons for improving their lives.

The $10K was not based on the length or quality of training. In fact, there was no apprenticeship included. Takata’s Master trainings actually lasted only a few days.

Her students were actually not allowed to document the actual length of the Master level training. They were not even allowed to take notes. They simply learned the old fashion way…via oral tradition.

At the time, Takata said the fee was a means of weeding out those who were looking for a method of power over others, and would ensure that those who truly heard the calling of spirit would achieve the Master level. Thus, maintaining the integrity and validity of the healing art form.

Ultimately, the high fee was to instill respect for the Master level. However, the high fee combined with Takata’s Master students not teaching many others, caused Reiki to spread very slowly.

This all changed when Iris Ishikuro, one of Takata’s Master students, started to teach at a lower fee. After Takata passed in 1980, Iris decided that she would follow her own inner guidance and teach for a more reasonable fee. However, many of Takata’s other Master students continued to charge the high fee for Master trainings.

The traditional cost list typically was:

  • Level 1 Reiki $250
  • Level 2 Reiki $500
  • Level 3 Reiki $10,000

Eventually more Reiki Masters agreed that as society progressed along it’s spiritual path, so should the requirements of Reiki. I think I speak for many of us…thank goodness for that!

Today, many Masters are trying to change with the times. There are still Reiki Masters who insist on the $10,000 fee. But then there are some who are more interested in the spiritual aspects of the student seeking this level of healing commitment.

These days, weekend long Reiki workshops look something like this:

  • Level 1 Reiki $150
  • Level 2 Reiki $250
  • Level 3 Reiki $300

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