21 Things You Wouldn’t Expect From a Reiki Healer

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It’s natural to expect certain things from people of a certain profession. I use to think dentists never get cavities, school teachers are never wrong, and Olympic athletes eat only healthy foods.

The same goes for Reiki healers. Of the spiritual mentors and energy healers I’ve come across, it’s always surprising to learn that they don’t fit a particular stereotype. It’s so refreshing to know that healers come in all types of personalities with different types of traits.

So I figured why not open up about some of my quirks that most Silver Lined Days readers, students, and clients would not expect about me!

1. I have a major sweet tooth. I have to have dessert every night, even if I’m sick with the flu.

2. I teach a popular prenatal yoga class at a local hospital. But I’ve never been pregnant in my life!

3. I’m an only child. But that doesn’t mean I’m spoiled! Just that I know how to get what I want =)

4. I’m obsessed with R&B covers by William Singe.

5. I literally laugh out loud each time I watch allMERRYeverything reaction video to William Singe’s covers.

6. Having been born and raised in Hawaii, I danced hula for over 10 years with a halau (dance troupe).

7. My parents are farmers so I helped pick and pack vegetables growing up. Still do when I visit home!

8. Ethnically, I’m 75% Chinese and 25% Laotian. Oh and 100% American!

9. At age 24, I had my first official boyfriend. Yep, a late bloomer! The relationship lasted less than 3 months.

10. I love sushi but don’t do raw fish. Pretty much stick to the cooked stuff.

11. Contrary to what many think of yoga teachers and Reiki healers, I don’t only eat organic foods. I’m also not a vegetarian. I try to eat healthier though!

12. I love caffeine! I started drinking coffee around age 30 so I’m a late bloomer to the caffeine world. Each morning, I have a cup of coffee unless I’m conducting distance Reiki for someone that day.

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13. I’m an extrovert in the Summer and introvert in the Winter. Just don’t like being out in the cold weather!

14. I’ve traveled to all continents except Antarctica. Based on #13, I have no plans to travel to the South Pole at any point in the future.

15. Can’t stand needles. So I always look away when I get a shot. Once, I tried acupuncture but couldn’t get over the needles so it was not relaxing for me.

16. Despite being a yoga teacher, I can’t do a handstand (yet).

17. I’m an obsessive minimalist. Often, I end up throwing away receipts, clothes, etc and regretting it later on.

18. Reading in the car or airplane causes me to get motion sickness. It makes me puke and I learned this the hard way!

19. My iPhone is filled with photos of other people’s dogs. It’s hard to walk by a dog without taking a photo!

20. I’m a Pinterest addict. I love finding the latest pins on Reiki, alternative medicine, and chakra balancing tips!

21. I don’t know how to whistle. Hours of my life I can’t get back just trying to whistle. My lips just don’t work that way!

There you have it. 21 things that you probably didn’t guess a Reiki healer would say or do. Heck, some of my closest friends may not even know all 21 things about me!

It would be great to get to know you too!

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