Quiz: How Self-Aware Are You?

Would you consider yourself to be a self-aware person? Pretty good at reading social cues?

Most empaths and highly sensitive people have high emotional intelligence. If you think you are sensitive to other people’s emotions, you yourself are probably well aware of your own thoughts and feelings.

Being sensitive to energy can be used to your advantage. Many people feel being an empath is their Archillis heel, when it’s actually a powerful strength.

In actuality, empaths are good at making tough decisions with their highly instinctive feelings. They’re also better able to read people when they first meet them. All this is so beneficial in navigating their personal and professional life!

So you think you are pretty self-aware of your thoughts and emotions? As well as those around you?

Take this quiz for fun and let’s find out!

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1. If you asked someone in your inner circle what they like about you, do you know right away what they would say?

2. During disagreements, do you often pause to look at the issue from the other person’s point of view before responding?

3. It is often said that what we dislike about others is a reflection of what we dislike about ourselves. Do you see any similarities between yourself and others you may not necessarily care for?

4. Do you often respond honestly even if it makes you vulnerable? Sometimes we say, “Sure, no problem,” then turn around and do the opposite. We deflect because we don’t want to confront others or be confronted by them. Doing so once in awhile is normal but if this is your automatic response, take note.

5. Are you often able to recognize your thoughts and feelings? Being able to recognize our thoughts and feelings is important in understanding what actions influence our responses. It is also key to be able to understand the ways our emotions are impacting those around us.

**Tally up your “yes” responses and see your results below!**

1-2: Time to focus on getting to know you! It may sound simple, but it’s a lifelong learning process to not only understand our strengths and weaknesses, but also discover our interests, passions, and life purpose. The good news is that the process can be fun and rewarding!

For ideas on where to start, check out how to start living an inspired life.

3: You’re on your way! At times we may find ourselves reevaluating our life goals, especially when we go through various transitions in life. But this probably comes easier to you than most as you know yourself well enough to determine what works and what doesn’t work for you in life!

To help keep up the momentum, check out to energetically sharpen your intuition to clarity!

4-5: Excellent! You are fully aware of yourself and can adjust with the changes in life while upholding your values with integrity. No one is perfect but you are self-assured more often than not and have respect for differences. The little things don’t typically get to you. It’s great to have such high level of self-awareness but be careful not to be too critical of yourself.

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