How to Virtually Manifest Goals with Reiki

Did you know there are such things as Reiki Box apps? Maybe you have one on your iPhone already.

But traditionally, a Reiki Box is a box where written requests and intentions are placed. The requests include sending love and light to particular situations or concerns. It could also be simply setting an intention for yourself or someone else.

Basically, anything and anyone that you want healing positive energy to be sent to.  

Some examples include:

“I set the intention to be more forgiving of myself.”

“I request for the drama at the office be resolved soon.”

“For courage and strength in my presentation tomorrow.”

“For Syria and other areas of the world afflicted and suffering.”

“To balance my heart chakra.”

“To let go of the anger and feel relief by the end of the day.”

You or anyone can send Reiki to the box at any point throughout the day. The intention is set for the highest good of the person and situation. Reiki energy will flow to the person and situation accordingly.

How is this possible?

Energy is guided by intention. Energy flows where intention goes. Thus, when you add requests, you intend that the healing you send to the box goes to them.

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See, not too long ago, I used to have many sleepless nights because I was either mulling over my life purpose or getting worked up about the daily drama of office politics.

I felt so restless because I was exhausted from ruminating all day long but then when it came time for bed, I couldn’t sleep for more than two hours!

The cycle continued until I learned key energy healing techniques from my mentors, spiritual advisers, and simply through trial and error. By using a Reiki box, I was able to detach from all these anxious thoughts running through out my mind.

I mentally and visually placed my negative self-doubts, inner debating committee, and other self-sabotaging thoughts into a “box.”

Using a physical box is not actually needed because your intention is all that matters. You could also use a Word doc, Excel spreadsheet, an app, or your journal!

When sending Reiki, simply set the intention that universal life force energy goes to all the persons and situations mentioned. Setting goals help to pave the way to success in manifesting breakthroughs.

Whenever I’m trying to work towards a personal or professional goal, I find myself consumed with thinking about how it’s going to happen and when it’s going to happen.

Ok, so I have to work on patience! But in some ways, this impatience works in my favor. When I’m inspired, I’m determined and nothing can stop me.

Did I mention I bought my condo and car within 24 hours? 3 years later and still no buyer’s remorse! Quit my 9-5 without a solid Plan B? Checked that box too and haven’t looked back since!

How was I able to achieve these milestone breakthroughs?

Most times in life, we tackle challenges on the mental, physical, and emotional level. Often, we forget about incorporating the energetic level. Various energetic techniques have helped me speed up my results when it comes to manifesting goals…even when I was at rock bottom.

According to the law of attraction, we are able to attract what we want in life by holding space for that thought. By doing so, we allow the universe to deliver our goals to us.

So whether you are all about journaling, meditating, or visualizing, why not incorporate universal energy to help move things along?

In Reiki, the positive healing energy can empower your personal and professional goals.

When we hold positive energy, we attract positive results. The law of attraction works with universal life force. You can also allow the law of attraction to help speed up your manifestation through simple Reiki techniques.

Just as how the law of attraction operates under the premise that we can have anything we want in life, we need to hold space for that thought to allow the universe to deliver. By holding positive energy, we attract positive results. In order to get to where we want to go, we need to align ourselves to same frequency of where we want to be.

No one is perfect so all we have to do is try our very very best. And our very very best means to be in alignment at least 51% of the time. Now if you are in alignment even 60% of the time or more, you’ll start seeing things happen even sooner.

Raising our vibration isn’t just about having an attitude of gratitude and positive thoughts. Affirmations and visualizations are great manifesting techniques but we can take it a step further with Reiki.

Rather than just visualizing your goals actually feel and live as if you already achieved the goals. This allows you to vibrate at the same frequency of having already achieved those goals.

So sink into your body and imagine yourself already there! If you can clearly visualize your goals, dreams and desires and vibrate with the frequency of having achieved those results already, you can attract what you desire.

After all, energy flows where intention goes!

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