3 Ways to Effortlessly Manifest Money

Interested in manifesting more money? Ready to create space for more money to flow into your life?

We all want to live comfortably and for many people, that doesn’t come easy. But here’s the thing. When manifesting your wealth, sometimes you can save yourself months, if not years, of spinning your wheels in the same place.

How? By approaching your manifestation at an energetic level.

Here are three ways to help you to energetically approach your manifestation in order to create money flow into your life:

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1. Live as if you already achieved your goals.

Money is energy. Thus, when you are energetically aligned with your purpose, money flows. How does one become energetically aligned?

Say you can’t stand your 9-5 job. Not saying you need to quit your job right this minute. Simply living as if you already achieved your dream job can help you to align yourself with that next chapter in life.

So envision yourself already having achieved that dream career. What would you wear? What would your commute to work be like? What would you do each day?

Most importantly, how would you feel?

Once you really sink yourself into your ideal scenario, notice how your mood lifts. That’s because your are raising your vibrational frequency!

By raising your vibes to match the frequency of where you want to be in life, you create space for more opportunities to come your way to help you manifest faster. When you are able to manifest at a faster rate, you create space for money to flow into your life.

2. Stop worrying about money.

If you are constantly worrying about money, you are focused on scarcity. When the mind focusing on lack, you push yourself further away from abundance.

Budgeting and using coupons is great. But when you become obsessive about pinching pennies, it blocks your ability to manifest. Rather than create space for opportunities to receive money, you end up doing just the opposite.

So focus on what you have going for you. There’s always something to be grateful for even if it may not feel like you are surrounded by abundance. Remember, energy (money) flows, where the mind goes!

3. Give! Give, give, and did I mention “give”?

For some, it may seem a bit ironic to give especially when it’s hard enough making ends meet. But giving does not mean making a financial contribution.

If donating money to a charity is not for you, that’s perfectly ok! There are so many other ways to give! This includes donating your time or service.

Simply contributing your positive vibrations to help inspire others is also a great contribution to the collective consciousness! Even helping a neighbor who needs a ride to work while his or her car is in the shop is contributing positive energetic flow to society.

When we give money, time, or simply contribute positive energy to society, this allows energy to flow more freely. Basically, what you energetically give OUT creates space for energy to flow IN.

When we forget to contribute, this creates blocked energy in our energetic field. By giving, we create that much needed space for energy (money) to flow in.

Need ideas on how and where to give? Here’s a list of top charities that may even be in your local area!

Silver Lined Days supports global organizations providing clothing, food, and other services for socially disadvantaged and battered women. We donate 5% of our profit to help women who have suffered from domestic violence.

We strive to create a long-term and sustainable approach to community development. Silver Lined Days believes in promoting socially responsible practices that respect human beings.

Ready to incorporate more energetic approaches to your daily lifestyle?

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