How to Manage Your Energy Based on the Season

Ready to seize the energy of the season to better manage your own energy? Doing so will also help you make clearer choices and take inspired action. So let’s learn how to use the cyclical energy of the seasons to help you develop and change!

For many years, I had the seasonal blues during the late Fall to early Spring. So it wasn’t just the winter blues. As soon as daylight savings rolled around, I was became a different person. I tried everything from sunlamps to taking extra Vitamin D supplements. Some of it helped but overall, my mood was for the most part very low.

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Then, through research and learning more about energy healing, I realized how each season has its intrinsic energy. By observing what’s going on in nature throughout the year, I learned how to make the most of the energy of each season, especially winter!

When we understand the different energies, we’re also able to better manage our own energy accordingly. This way we can bring about more peace and balance into our busy lifestyle throughout the day.

In the past, ancient cultures followed the seasons very closely because life was built around the fall, spring, winter and summer. They lived a lifestyle “close to the earth”.

In the today’s world, our modern homes and offices tend to secludes us from the seasons. Also, our daily routines mirror this “insulation” as well. Regardless of the weather outside, we get up and go to work. We generally live the same way, day in, day out, season to season.

In many ways, living a modern lifestyle allows us to stay productive all year long. Plus, it’s nice to not have to save food in the winter or even be outside when it’s below freezing! But even in these advanced times, it’s helpful to understand what is going on in nature. After all, we are made up of energy. So essentially, we are a part of nature.

We can never completely escape the changing influences of the seasons. And why should we? We can use the surrounding energies to improve the quality of our lives!

If you feel like you are spinning your wheels trying to make changes in your life, there could be a reason why! First, look outside your window. Notice how some seasons are better than others for manifesting ideas. Some periods are better for taking inspired actions while others are best for letting go.

Fall is the time to “harvest.” It’s the start of nature’s yearly cycle.

Animals and plants carefully allocate their resources so that they will last through winter and spring and into summer. Since our bodies are part of nature, we should be mindful about our energy resources too.

As the resources from summer’s are harvested, the earth becomes empty and still by late Fall. There is a sense of empty space waiting to be filled. It may also feel like a time to mourn or a time of “not enough”. We may feel the need to let go before we are ready. This explains why my “winter” blues started before it was even winter!

Ask yourself how you can best sustain through the winter. Note, it is not a time for hoarding or for scarcity mentalities. In fact, fall may be accompanied by a strong desire to clear out your physical and emotional space.

You can incorporate simple Reiki energy healing techniques to help with gaining mental clarity as well. Overall, fall is a good time to experience letting go of unnecessary burdens and energy drains.

All this work helps create the space for winter manifestations.

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Winter is the time manifest. During the winter months, less daylight brings about time for introspection. This is the time to visualize and manifest new possibilities.

How might it feel to change jobs? To start learn something new? To speak your truth? How would it feel to eat healthier?

The manifesting energy inspires us to use our creativity. It gives us a range of new, exciting options from which we can choose.

If we were in tune with the season, we would set up our winter routines to allow for free time to daydream, make art and create new visions.

Without an energizing vision, we are likely to become bored with our lives. Once we get stuck in a rut, our passionate emotional energy declines. If you find yourself hitting a wall, incorporate simple Reiki energy healing strategies to help clear these blocks.  

Winter is a good time for us to review all our options, examine our fears and explore potential choices for the upcoming spring season.

Spring is the time to take inspired action. It is the time to make choices, establish commitments and move forward with action. Spring energies generate the drive to start new projects. We are now called upon to choose the direction that excites us.

Spring helps us build up speed and pressure. We can direct that energy towards what will ultimately bring us to joy.

In the spring, we can feel frustrated if we failed to commit to a clear and energizing path. If we are in the midst of the “spring fever” energy, challenges can feel more frustrating than usual. We may  be feeling more aggressive and determined about busting through blocks, particularly if we sense that a goal is within reach.

At times, “spring fever” fills us with such vigor that we don’t know what to do with our energy. This is a good time to begin new and challenging workouts. Training for a race, adding a yoga class to your routine and other physical activities can help us become more disciplined and more focused.

But before you launch yourself into any action plan, consider whether the investment is the best use of your energy. Tap into your intuition to determine whether it is in the service of your highest good or merely one of several mediocre options.

In order to connect with your intuition, consider harnessing Reiki energy to help with gaining mental clarity. Doing so will also help you prepare for the high energies of summer.

Summer is the time of celebration. It is a time where all the clearing, introspection and decisions of previous seasons comes to light.

With warmer days, summer is a natural time for community and socializing. As summer is the season where the energetic work of previous seasons pays off, it often feels like there is plenty of everything.

It’s easy to get carried away with the energies of summer. If we start big projects in the summer, we may find such commitments difficult to maintain throughout the year.

This is because the vigorous summer energy may not be available year round. Thus, rather than starting a lot of new projects in the summer, we can focus on enjoying the fruits of our labor from the previous seasons.

Raise your energetic vibrations throughout the year! Incorporate simple energy healing tips to help you live a life of more peace and balance.

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