3 Simple Ways to Counterbalance Negativity

Surrounded by people who vent all day long? Ruminating about negative events? Then it’s time to counterbalance all that negativity.

Whenever we find ourselves wrapped up in unwanted stress, anxiety and negativity, it’s suggested we should increase the amount of time, thought, and energy we direct toward positive behavior. 

In order to counterbalance negativity, cultivate consciousness and care around your daily thoughts. After all, your thoughts create your emotional, physical, and energetic reality.

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We often try to tackle our challenges on a physical, emotional, and mental level. Rarely do we look at how to take on life challenges on the energetic level.

Based on the law of attraction, when we raise our energetic vibrations, we are able to attract who and what we want into our lives.

The key to countering negativity in your personal and professional life is to be in alignment with the (positive) vibrational frequency of where you want to be.

Ready to raise your vibrations to match the frequency of where you want to be? No more spinning your wheels! Time to get out of that funk.

One of the best ways to counter negativity is to to exercise self-compassion.

It’s easy to forget to have compassion for ourselves. Practicing self-compassion is something a lot of women seem to struggle with, especially when it comes to finding that balance of nurturing others and taking time to personally recharge.

Consider one way you can practice self-compassion. Maybe it’s allowing yourself to feel all your emotions rather than tucking it away. Maybe it’s creating time in your day to journal.

When I wake up 30 minutes earlier to journal, I can feel the effects of a more positive mindset once I get out all my (positive and negative) thoughts on paper.

What are ways that you can exercise self-kindness today? Here are 3 suggestions to start…

1. Meditate for 5 minutes each morning. 

Remember, meditating does not mean you have to sit still and make your mind blank. Walking meditations are just as beneficial! It’s all about taking a few moments to be present, mindful, and aware so that we can understand the nature of our thoughts in order to not let our mind run amok.

2. Make a list of your top 3 values and make it a priority to incorporate it into your day. 

Begin by writing down what you enjoy doing on your free time. Prioritize your time by aligning your schedule with these activities. For instance, if you love reading, align your time so that you can spend at least 30-minutes each day to read a book on your bucket list.

3. Take a break from technology. 

If it feels like your livelihood depends on social media, start with spending 30 minutes less each day or blocking off only an hour for social media. What will you do with more free time? Take a look at your top 3 values and enjoy more time in your day to do what gives you joy!

Give it a try and see the difference yourself! When exercising self-compassion, remember to keep an open mind. We are able to hear only what we are ready to take in.

Recognize your dominant thoughts and feelings throughout the day. Keep this awareness in mind in order to cultivate positive thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality.

So when we have positive thoughts or are simply expressing gratitude throughout the day, our thoughts influence how we feel, our health, and energy level.

Ready to incorporate energy work into your life to achieve more peace and balance? Boost your vibrations to attract what you want into your life!

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