How to Energetically Handle Judgement

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How do you handle judgement? As you may be faced with unfair critics on a daily basis, remember that where there is a “crack”, light is getting through whether you may be realizing it or not.

If your frustrations stem from other people’s criticism and judgement, it’s understandable. Other people’s words and nonverbal responses can be hurtful, aggravating, and downright awful.

So how do you  handle someone else’s judgment? Say it’s a manager or colleague’s unfair feedback. Have you tried to take a step back to try to see it from their point of view? 

Otherwise, is there anything that can be learned from their comments? If not, how can you begin letting it go? Maybe it’s time to stop putting too much weight on other people’s opinions.

Take your power back by accepting that the more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.

You may find this week’s podcast episode to be useful in bringing to light some perspective and energetically reducing your stress that may be sourced to the unwelcomed criticism. Try out the three strategies to reduce the unwanted stress on the energetic level.

Consider the last time you were upset by judgement from someone else. Be mindful of your thoughts as you handle criticism throughout the day. Recognize if you have negative thoughts and see if you are able to apply any tactics we’ve gone over.

Write down any thoughts to help process all that is on your plate and allow that light at the end of the tunnel to shine brighter for you!

For more ways to energetically tackle your ongoing frustrations, incorporate energy healing into your lifestyle!

Apply simple Reiki self-care techniques to bust through those negative blocks getting in the way!

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