Stop Trying So Hard, Let Your Soul Mate Find You!

You got a great personality and looks to match. But your soul mate seems nowhere in sight. Where the heck is Mr. (or Ms.) Right?

So you’ve tried everything to find your soul mate. Online dating, going to parties you don’t even want to go to, speed dating, the list goes on.

You aren’t even picky when it comes to guys. No specific requirements for height, hair color, or fashion sense.

I get it. Hey, I’ve been there.

Prior to meeting my Mr. Right, I was just as frustrated and impatient. I was loving the single and fab lifestyle but at times, it got lonely.

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And you know what? Looking back, Mr. Right came along when I wasn’t looking. The same goes for the previous guys that I dated too! Each time, I was merely doing my own thang. I was doing what brought me joy, be it traveling or yoga…with my girlfriends.

When Mr. Right came along, I was into decorating my newly purchased condo at that time. I had just purchased my car and condo within 24 hours of moving back to Washington D.C. It would be an understatement to say I had a lot on my plate and had no time for dating.

I had just taken multiple leaps of faith, to include moving cities and changing jobs. I just wanted to focus on getting settled and doing some much needed soul searching.

So how did we meet if all I was doing was focusing on me?

I was not proactive. Just doing activities that brought me joy. Let me explain further…

When we do what brings us joy, such as a hobby, we are raising our vibrations. When we raise our vibes, we are better able to attract who and what we want into our lives. We are raising our frequency to vibrate at the frequency of where we want to go in life.

That’s the thing about energy work.

Energy flows through all life categories: relationships, health, finances, etc. Energy is not limited by time, distance or space.

When we are doing what brings us joy in one life category, energy is able to flow through other categories as well.

Similar to baking cookies. If you are baking cookies in the kitchen, the smell of the cookies permeate to the bedroom, living room, and even outside the house. The smell is not just stagnate in the kitchen.

Energy flows the same way. If there are blocks in your relationship category, allow the energy to flow by doing what brings you joy in a different life category. Doing so will raise your vibrational frequency in all life categories. This in turn enhances your aura, the energetic vibrations you give off.

And that is when Mr. RIght usually comes along. When you are at your best, many times not even looking for him (or her).

Back to how I met Mr. Right. When I focused on decorating my condo and taking care of myself, I was “filling up my cup”. In turn, I was a lot happier to be around with a “filled cup”.

My work quality reflected my happiness and my new colleagues took notice. As I filled up my cup, I was better able to serve others.

A fellow married female colleague was very appreciative of the extra steps I took to help her out when she was having a bad day. She naturally thought of me when she came across a similar high-vibe individual from her old office.

She thought our personalities would match and took her own extra steps. She provided her unsolicited advice to Mr. Right, suggesting he should take me out on a date. She was great at playing cupid even though neither of us told her whether or not we were on the market!

It just goes to show that when you raise your vibes, the positive energy flows into other life categories instantly.

So have you been searching too hard for your soul mate? Take a step back and evaluate what brings you joy. Pursue it and watch the energy flow into your other life categories!

By incorporating more energy work into your personal development, you’ll have a more solid foundation for a healthy relationship!

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