Manage Email Stress with the Reiki Principles

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Overwhelmed by your inbox? Email overload can be a serious source of stress in today’s energetic grid of instant communication. And it’s not just stress from responding to emails…

Managing the various means of communication on social media brings electronic commo to a different level of overload. But for the sake of this article, let’s just focus on managing your overflowing email inbox.

How do you keep up with responding to emails in a timely manner? It be especially tricky to balance when trying to also accurately convey what you mean. There’s just so much room for misunderstandings when it comes to electronic communication!

So not only is there the stress of responding in a timely manner, you also have to juggle misinterpretations. And oh, let’s not forget about the tone of the email. Don’t want to come off unprofessional by being too concise!

In any given day, I can receive hundreds of emails on my personal and professional email accounts. This does not include messages and questions received on FaceBook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. Add on text messages and phone calls throughout the day, it can feel like I’m at the mercy of my phone!

In the past, I would respond immediately the second I received an email. Personally, I’d rather respond right away before I forget, get distracted, or lost my train of thought.

It’s also the “people pleaser” in me…which I’m working on! Most of the email responses I receive start with “Eve, thanks for such a quick reply.” I also prefer my inbox to be “0 unread messages” at the end of the day.

So in many ways, I brought on additional pressure for myself.

Over the years, I started dreading seeing an email pop up. Even emails that were merely “Hello, just thinking of you and hope all is well!” To not respond felt rude but then it was another thing to add to the to-do list. And it adds up when there are a lot of little taskers here and there.

If you are feeling the stress from waking up each morning to an inbox full of emails, then it’s time to apply the Reiki principles. It’s amazing how ancient wisdom can be so applicable to the present day!

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1. Just for today, I will not worry: Ninety-nine percent (if not 100%) of the time, it’s not “urgent.” Is someone about to die? Will you be arrested by law enforcement? Will you be fired? Not likely.

The only times I’ve received urgent news or questions were via phone, not email. I don’t know about you but if there is an emergency and I need an immediate response, I don’t email. I pick up the phone to call the friend, family member or 911.

2. Just for today, I will not be angry: It can be very upsetting to not receive a response after a heart-felt email was sent. It can also be annoying when you write a long email only to receive a one word answer.

We all have our unique writing styles and email etiquette. Sometimes, a lot can be lost in translation when we read responses and are not able to see facial expressions or hear the writer’s tone. So it’s to your advantage to give the other person the benefit of the doubt.

I’m a very concise writer. My friends don’t assume I’m mad at them when I respond with one-word answers to their lengthy emails. But those who don’t know me may not see it that way.

It’s just a matter of perception and choosing to think better of someone’s intentions.

3. Just for today, I will give thanks to my many blessings: Remember the days of handwriting letters? What about typewriting reports?

Once again, it’s about managing your perspective. Having an attitude of gratitude helps to alleviate burnout.

So many the choice to focus on the positive aspects of electronic communication in today’s world. This ranges from the benefit of saving time to maintaining relationships with family members on the other side of the world!

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4. Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbor: What if the sender truly intended to send that “nasty-gram”? Remember, how anyone treats you is not a reflection of you but a reflection of how they feel about themselves. And we’ve all been there ourselves.

Hey, I’ve said and done some things I’m not proud of when I was going through a rough patch.

Sometimes, when everything in life seems to be falling apart, we take it out on others. Often, the person we take it out on just so happens to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

There’s the option to not respond at all. Why add fuel to the fire? Or…

Use that negative energy to turn it into positive fuel. Responding back with compassion, not only reduces the tension, but also allows you to create good karma.

5. Just for today, I will do my work honestly: Taking into consideration all of the above, I no longer feel burned out from emails. I don’t feel guilty for not responding immediately to an email the second I read it. This sense of peace comes from knowing I’m doing my work honestly and with integrity.

Life is about the journey, not the destination. It’s not easy to deal with all the stressors surrounding us in today’s world of instant gratification. But every challenge has a silver lining. It’s just up to you to see it!

Challenges are opportunities to do daily taskers with integrity. Most importantly, to speak your truth.

Whether finding that balance to manage the email inbox to dealing with difficult personalities, use these opportunities to do your work as best you can. And when you know in your heart of hears that you are doing your best with what you’ve got, that’s all that matters.

After all, we are all here to learn lessons that will grow our soul. All it takes is small but consistent steps each day…one email at a time!

Incorporate more Reiki strategies throughout your busy day!

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reiki, reiki energy, energy healing, holistic healing, chakras, balance chakras, law of attraction,

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