Don’t Quit Your 9-5 Job Yet!

At my previous 9-5 job, my boss and I were not seeing eye to eye on various work-related issues. After a tense argument that got personal, I knew it was time to leave. I have been wanting to leave that career for a long time so the next day, I walked in and said I’d like to resign.

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Despite having over 20 years on my mortgage, I was so sure this was the right step based on all the work I’ve done prior to resigning. Although I didn’t have a solid Plan B, I knew I would be ok.

I had established a solid foundation by teaching yoga on evenings and weekends. I was also growing Silver Lined Days and establishing a solid professional network in the holistic wellness community.

After making my announcement, the senior managers in the office offered alternative options. They encouraged me to take as much paid time off as I needed to reconsider. They also gave me the option to work in a different office.

I knew I would never ever (Taylor Swift’s song should be playing the in the background) EVER step foot in that old office. So I conveyed this in the most professional manner possible and in a very definitive manner. I also firmly stated that I wanted to resign.

After taking a few weeks to reflect, job search, work on Silver Lined Days, I recognized that I needed funding to grow my business. I wasn’t quite at the stage in my business where I could pay the bills and live comfortably.

I concluded that I needed to continue to focus on Silver Lined Days but have a part-time job, so I could have a steady stream of income and not have to worry about my monthly bills.

At first I thought my intuition led me astray because I was 110% sure it was time to leave that career path. In fact, it feels like taking a step back by going into the office to ask for part-time work in a different office.

After much thought, I realized my intuition was spot on. I truly believe my intuition led me to the next step, only I assumed it was the ultimate solution to my career breakthrough.

Universe doesn’t lead you to the ultimate solution, but rather the next step. I worked hard to raise my vibrations and attract what I was ready for in order for the Universe to respond accordingly.

With this new perspective, I took on teaching more yoga classes, conducting energy healing workshops, and began work in a different job on a part-time basis.

Some may say I was emotional and acted irrationally by resigning before thinking things through. However, I know better than to let such judgments get to me.

I listened to my intuition and did what I did which lead me to removing myself from an unpleasant work environment, having that work life balance, and doing what I love!

Ready to quit your 9-5? Prepare yourself with these key strategies so you can raise your vibrations for a smooth transition!


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