3 Ways to Deal with Difficult People

Difficult people exist everywhere. They need to! Sometimes the most difficult people are our best teachers. They create opportunities for personal development.

It’s a simple concept but definitely not easy. If everyone in the world saw eye to eye on every single thing, life would be pretty boring. We wouldn’t learn from each other.

Our collective consciousness thrives on differences in opinions. It’s a starting point for spiritual growth.

But what do you do when you’ve had enough of difficult personalities?

Here are my top 3 strategies on how to deal with difficult people on the energetic level.

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1. Ease up on being defensive. Counter-intuitive, right? Shielding yourself, or applying protection tactics, implies the belief that we can be attacked. Basically, if we feel the need to protect ourselves, we believe that we can be negatively impacted.

Ironically, this type of victim mentality leaves us vulnerable to being negatively impacted on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic level.

True power comes from embracing the truth that nothing can attack your light. This includes your core values, integrity, intuition, and all the great things that make you, you!

I was just watching one of my all time chick flicks, “She’s All That.” Hey, no judging! The message that stuck out to me was what Freddie Prince Jr said about blocking out people.  We have to accept that sometimes the bad comes along with the good.

When we block out everyone, we block out the good and the bad. Even the most challenging person in your life has good in him or her. Yes, it’s not easy to see but it’s in there!

So ease up on blocking out difficult people. Let go of the victim mentality. There is no benefit to always being on the defensive. Instead set healthy boundaries…

2. Set energetic boundaries. Boundaries are a great way to honor self-care. It’s not rude to say no! In fact, it’s to the benefit to both parties when you draw that line for yourself. No one wants you to spew out negative vibes into the world any how!

Physical boundaries are not always possible if you have to sit next to a difficult colleague. Or maybe you work with a difficult boss. Maybe it’s a difficult family member. If so, then consider energetic boundaries.

Believe me, I know what it’s like to deal with not having boundaries. I learned it the hard way and at times still need to forgive myself for not conveying my limits.

So do yourself and others the favor. Get clear on your limits as they may change over time. Then convey it with compassion.

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3. Manage your energy. Keep your vibes high and energy clean! It’s important to care for yourself regularly on the physical, mental, emotional and most importantly, energetic level. This can be done through energy healing techniques, such as balancing your chakras.

By embracing spiritual self-care, you won’t feel the urge to shield and protect your energy. It’s less about needing to always be on the defense. Just because difficult people are difficult, that doesn’t mean they are out to get you. How they treat you is merely a reflection of how they feel about themselves.

Keeping your energy light and clean can take some time but the key is to take baby steps. Consistently. Be mindful of your thoughts and any time a victim mentality thought surfaces, recognize it as fear. Get to the root of this fear by journaling, meditating or applying simple energy healing techniques.

You can practice mindfulness through pausing to reflect on negative thoughts from an outsider’s perspective. Question the thought and replace it with affirmations such as “I am light.”

Discern whether there are issues that need to be resolved from the past. Did you take on a belief from childhood that does not serve your highest good? Go about forgiving others and yourself for holding on to any unhealthy beliefs.

By maintaining spiritual self-care through simple Reiki techniques, you won’t feel the urge to always be on the defense. When your energetic vibration is high, your light can’t be dimmed by difficult people, now matter how nasty that person is towards you.

It’s important to heal properly in the healthiest way possible in order for those thoughts to lessen and even be eliminated. When we practice spiritual self-care regularly, our light can’t be dimmed by our surroundings, regardless of how difficult the other person is.

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