Common Emotional Responses to Reiki

Vanity Fair to Oprah to Newsweek has covered Reiki energy healing. As the coverage in mainstream media continues, many have wondered what are the common emotional responses to Reiki.

First, what the heck is Reiki energy healing?

Reiki healing is based on the principle that the practitioner channels universal healing energy to the recipient, to activate the natural healing processes of the recipient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

When a Reiki practitioner channels universal energy to the recipient, the intention is set for the healing energy to go where it is needed and for the highest good of the recipient.

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Everyone has emotional baggage that comes from their accumulated life experiences. Some are able to process and release it more easily than others. Some tend to repress these difficult emotions.

As each individual’s body and needs are different, the emotional responses to a session ranges from feelings of sense of peace, reduced anxiety, to not feeling any shifts at all.

Reiki healing energy goes where it is needed to go for the recipient’s highest good. Thus, this is not always accompanied by bells and whistles.

Nevertheless, an emotional healing responses, sometimes referred to as a cleansing reaction, can occur after a session. This can present itself in tears or fatigue as past memories surface in order to be released.

Reiki can heal on the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual level. The universal energy may begin to work on emotional healing first, as that could be the root of a physical manifestation/illness.

Though responses to distance and in-person Reiki sessions may take a few sessions, here are some feedback on emotional responses after one session:

“I want to share something that happened after your first session for me. For several years I have been trying to process the anger over being sexually violated by someone I was in a relationship with 15 years ago. I have tried & tried, but I have been blocked by anger & wishes for bad things to happen to this person, revenge, etc.

This is very karmically dangerous for me but I have struggled with the thought of letting the experience go without “winning.” The night of our session I dreamt I was going somewhere to meet with this person’s family. When I woke up, instead of feeling upset at having dreamed of this person in any way, or violated, or angry, I felt happy. I felt light. I felt FREE.

In the days since then, I’ve experimented with thinking of this person and- nothing. No fire in my belly. No tension. No feeling of violation. Some anger, yes, but anger that no longer hurts me. Anger that protects me & sets me free. The kind of anger you have over something that can no longer hurt you. The kind of anger that you can willfully set aside, & not be consumed by. Energy work is real! I’m so GRATEFUL!” ~Angela C.

“I wanted to thank you and  let you know that clarification in the job discernment process has accelerated.” – Linda Miller

“Thanks so much for listening, and also for the Reiki treatment. I had a LOT of energy shifts while you were giving me Reiki. I’m pretty sensitive; so I notice and respond energetically to everything very quickly. During the Reiki, I experienced confirmation of insights I’d had previously; and I also had some new ones.

Most beneficial was the release of stuck energy, that was expressed through spontaneous vocal sounding, and body movement. This is how I usually process, but I hadn’t been doing enough voicework lately, so it was wonderful to do so again, energized by your Reiki treatment. Sending Love and Light and Gratitude for your Gifts.” – Christine Anne Platel,

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed physician, nor do I practice medicine. I do not diagnose, heal, cure, prevent, or treat any disease or illness. Healing energy work is not meant as a substitution or replacement for regular medical treatment. If you are under a physician’s care, please continue to follow the advice of your doctor. Energy healing is offered with the heart-felt intention of sharing loving and healing energies. I make no guarantees about the results or anyone’s experience.

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