What are the Health Benefits of Reiki?

Ever wonder about all the hype around the health benefits of energy healing? Despite Reiki energy healing being around for centuries, recent coverage in Newsweek and The Drs certainly have spread the awareness of Reiki energy healing.

So what are the health benefits surrounding Reiki energy healing? Let’s start from from the beginning…

Reiki is the energy that connects our higher self with everything around us. It is a bridge between the ancient traditions of healing and the modern day scientific model.

All living things are comprised of energy: ki, chi, prana, and soul. Science has confirmed the presence of this energy through tools, such as Kirlian Photography, to capture visual proof.

Accordingly, many disciplines have been established to help develop and balance this energy. Reiki, tai chi, meditation, and yoga are just a few of the many ways people can enhance the flow of this energy.

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Reiki is not only an option for physical healing, but mental and spiritual growth as well.

By opening up to this energy, it is often believed that those individuals would be more capable of seeing the synchronicity in life. They would also be better able to let life flow.

Reiki is also effective as a way to help increase awareness, wisdom and personal growth. Our bodies are energetic in nature. Our bones resonate at lower frequencies while our blood, thoughts, and so forth vibrate at higher frequencies. In Eastern traditions, this pulse is also known as Ki or Prana.

When a practitioner is performing a healing session, the energy that emanates from their hands produce a significantly larger bio magnetic reading (7-10Hz – Theta and Alpha range) than a nonpractitioner.

These frequencies are associated with physical healing. Some common observations of Reiki health benefits include increased feelings of stress, fear and anxiety. In some cases, elimination of physical illnesses and persistent conditions were also common observations from recipients after a Reiki session.

Some may notice physical sensations such as feeling tingling or changes in temperature. Others may see colors, feel light or heavy within the body, feel sleepy, or just relaxed. Others may not feel any sensations, which is completely normal.

Shift happens and it does not need to be accompanied by bells, whistles and flashing lights. Reiki energy can be a powerful healing modality in supporting the recipient on all levels.

Please note that the information and techniques of Reiki do not constitute medical advice. Seeking medical advice from a qualified doctor in the case of serious illness is always recommended.

Everyone’s body is different when it comes to responding to various healing modalities. Interested in trying out a 30-minute Reiki session to see if its for you?

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Read what others have said about their distance Reiki sessions:

“Lately, I don’t leave the house unless I have to. I’ve just been feeling down and in a funk for the past few weeks. Couldn’t really shake it off. After the Reiki session, I felt energized. I had the energy to clean the house and run errands for the past few days! Thanks for channeling the uplifting healing energy! It was so rejuvenating!” – Dana B. Thomas


“Thanks so much for listening, and also for the Reiki treatment. I had a LOT of energy shifts while you were giving me Reiki. I’m pretty sensitive; so I notice and respond energetically to everything very quickly. During the Reiki, I experienced confirmation of insights I’d had previously; and I also had some new ones. Most beneficial was the release of stuck energy, that was expressed through spontaneous vocal sounding, and body movement. This is how I usually process, but I hadn’t been doing enough voicework lately, so it was wonderful to do so again, energized by your Reiki treatment. Sending Love and Light and Gratitude for your Gifts.” – Christine Anne Platel, ConsciousConnections.com

“Feeling focused on what I need to do. Thanks!” – Adele Barbagallo Jones

“Thank you! Just what I needed! I woke up feeling so heavy and bleh. Feeling very light and smiley right now. Amazing xx” – Silvia Polakovic Saad

“I wanted to thank you and  let you know that clarification in the job discernment process has accelerated.” – Linda Miller



“Thank you so much! I felt really good for the past hour – definitely felt a lot of tingling by my crown. I had asked for help with my physical body and vitality and I do feel more energized and I felt my skin tingling too. It was a great session. Sending lots of love…my love/light quotient also went up in my body and it is nice to receive as I feel I give a lot. THANK YOU!” – Sarah Vargo, Founder of Stargo


“THANK YOU SO,SO MUCH EVE!! My massage sessions today after your Reiki were AMAZEBALLS. I really appreciate you.” – Marcy Holland

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