How to Maintain Balanced Chakras with Reiki

There are many ways to help maintain balanced chakras through Reiki energy healing techniques. However, the heavy lifting does not come from an energy healer. It has to come from the individual seeking the healing.

I learned this the hard way. Before I started studying Reiki, I assumed Reiki energy healing was a one-time fix. I thought an energy healer could clear my blocks in a quick session. Life would be smooth sailing after that right?

Boy was I wrong.

Let’s backtrack to 2012. After a tumultuous end of a relationship, I decided to work with an intuitive Reiki Master. In the midst of an emotional time, I was in a career that no longer resonated with me.

In fact, there were many times when I cried myself to sleep on Friday nights dreading Mondays. After a falling out with my best friend and then a meltdown in front of a manager, I knew it was time to make drastic changes.


Though my habit of changing jobs and changing cities were pretty drastic measures already, I knew deep down that I had to take a different approach. No more of this “when it rains, it pours” victim mentality. Life was chaotic but that didn’t mean I had to stay at rock bottom.

Although I found the healing experience with the intuitive healer to be very enlightening, it was quite the emotional roller coaster ride during the months of healing.

My assumption that she was suppose to clear the blocks without requiring much effort on my part held me back from clearing mental and emotional fears.

She was very patient in mentoring me to look within and work through blocks. However, in the midst of chaos, it was hard to dig deep when all I wanted to do was blame my ex-boyfriend, micromanaging boss, passive aggressive coworkers, dysfunctional family, the weather, and just about everything else.

It was not until years later when I reflected upon my initial energy healing experience that I realized the process could have been a lot smoother had I took the time to dig deep and get to know myself. I was disillusioned by what happiness was, how to achieve it and how to make it last.

Happiness was a moving target as I was only looking outward for happiness. I realized that anything that goes towards my personal development lights me up and changes my being, thoughts, and in turn, my fundamental basis for a happy life.

A Reiki Master, or any type of energy healer, helps move the healing process forward. Reiki energy activates the natural healing processes of the body and helps to restore mental, physical and emotional well-being.

However, the healer is not responsible for fixing the broken heart, pent up angst from childhood, and so forth. That must come from the recipient, specifically digging deep within.

Having balanced chakras can boost your aura, or energetic field, which in turn affects who and what can be attracted into your life. Negative thoughts, feelings, unhealthy foods, and inaction can adversely impact the chakras. The long term effects could lead to mental, emotional, and physical imbalances or blocks in the chakras.

Like maintaining healthy teeth, chakras need to be consistently maintained. It’s not like I go to the dentist only when when a root canal is need. I have to do my part in brushing my teeth and flossing every day.

By consistently taking small steps to balance your chakras, be it through meditation, yoga or other Reiki healing techniques, an individual is able to continuously clear blocks that naturally build up.

Need some tips on where to start?

Incorporate Reiki into your meditation. Reflect on the following assessment questions for each chakra to see which chakras need to be balanced. After journaling out the responses, create affirmations with your responses.

Since energy flows where the mind goes, write down the affirmations on a piece of paper and place it somewhere you will see it at least once a day. It serves as a great reminder and helps you stay focused.

May you maintain balanced chakras with these journal prompts throughout the weeks ahead! For more ways to incorporate simple Reiki tips into your daily routine, balance your chakras with the free Reiki+Yoga Ebook!

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Root Chakra:

  1. What belief patterns did you inherit from your upbringing?
  2. Are there belief patterns that still influence your thinking but are no longer valid?
  3. What characteristics within yourself would you like to strengthen?

Sacral Chakra:

  1. How often do you express your creative energies?
  2. What goals do you have that you have yet to pursue?
  3. What stands in the way of acting upon those goals?

Solar Plexus Chakra:

  1. What do you like about yourself? Are you working to change the things about yourself that you don’t like?
  2. Are you afraid of responsibility? Or do you feel responsible for everything and everyone?
  3. Are you continually wishing your life were different? If so, are you doing anything to make changes for the better?

Heart Chakra:

  1. Are there emotional memories that you may still need to heal?
  2. Are there relationships in your life that require healing?
  3. What is your understanding of forgiveness?

Throat Chakra:

  1. What is your definition of being “strong-willed”?
  2. Are you able to express yourself honestly and openly?
  3. Are you authentic?

Third Eye Chakra:

  1. Are there beliefs you have that cause you to interpret things in a negative way? How about a positive way?
  2. Are you judgmental? If so, what situations or relationships tend to bring out that tendency in you?
  3. Are there beliefs you would like to change in yourself?

Crown Chakra:

  1. Have you ever sought guidance through meditation or prayers? If so, what answers to your questions or concerns would you most fear?
  2. Have you started and stopped a meditation practice? If so, what are the reasons for not maintaining it?
  3. Do you make efforts to perform acts of service to help others?

Incorporate more simple Reiki tips into your daily routine to balance your chakras! 

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