What is Animal Reiki?

Reiki can be used on every living thing from healing, personal development, to stress relief.

Animal Reiki is an increasingly popular niche as more Reiki practitioners and vets are adding Reiki healing to their practice.

Wondering about how Reiki can be applied to your pet? The below suggestions are simple guidelines to help you apply energy healing to a pet in need.

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The key is to use your intuition and just go with what you are drawn to do.

Your pet will sense your positive loving energy towards it and respond accordingly. Reiki can be given to animals in a number of situations.

Even if you don’t know what the problem is, you may use simple Reiki healing techniques to help when your pet is:

1. Sick: Reiki helps the natural healing process and works with any type of medical veterinary intervention.

2. Young or old: You can use Reiki on your pet of any age or situation.

3. Has been through a trauma: Animals can use loving energy after they’ve experienced any type of abuse, loss, or move. This also includes pets that seem to exhibit depression or other behavioral disorder.

Depending on the type of illness, personality, and how well the animal know and trust you, each animal will respond differently to Reiki.

There a number of key indicators to look for so you can better understand and intuitively read if it is safe to perform Reiki on the animal.

An animal may:

1. Bark, growl, screech, fly, hiss, buck or run away as a way of telling you it doesn’t want to be touched. If this happens and you know the animal is sick or in pain and needs Reiki. You can still treat the animal by using distance Reiki.

2. Shift positions. Your pet may allow you to perform hands-on Reiki. After a while, the animal may shift positions or look at you in a strange manner. Move your hands a few inches above the body, scan the aura and other parts of the animal’s body. Then, continue treating the animal with Reiki, if you sense that it’s still needed.

3. Move closer. Your pet may indicate it wants Reiki by coming near you when you are giving Reiki to yourself or someone else.

Note, the animal will move itself so you can perform Reiki on the exact spot or position it needs it. If it fidgets, keep your hands in the same position just above the animal’s body while it adjusts itself. Once its stops moving, place your hands on the animal to continue the treatment.

You may also opt to send Reiki from a safe distance if you sense a change in the animal’s mood or energy and are concerned for your own safety.

If you feel comfortable to get closer to an animal, you can then try performing Reiki with your hands hovering above the pet. Moving gradually into an actual hands on session.

Always make sure to approach any animal cautiously when starting to give Reiki. To learn more about applying Reiki to living things and your everyday life, get your free Reiki Healing E-Book today!

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