5 Common Mistakes to Avoid to Speed Up Results

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Time is of the essence. So whenever possible, it’s great to avoid common mistakes where we can. Ready to save yourself days, months, and even years? Read on if you want to speed up your manifesting!

Throughout the last decade, I’ve taken multiple leaps of faith. This included buying my condo and car within 24 hours, moving to a new city to start over, to quitting my 9-5 without a Plan B.

Despite how irrational each choice may have seemed on the surface, each time things panned out much better than expected.

First, I’m not saying you should quit your 9-5 if you are unhappy. For my situation, had I stayed at my 9-5, I wouldn’t have had the space to create Silver Lined Days.

I was feeling suffocated with going into a job that no longer resonated with me. It was draining me to the point where I dreaded returning to work when a vacation JUST started.

Each time my personal and professional life was falling apart, I got better at not staying at rock bottom. This included taking multiple leaps of faith. I mean, what did I have to lose anyway?

Prior to taking each leap, I tapped into my intuition.

We all have it, but doesn’t mean it’s easy to sort through the inner debating committee. All that chatter clouds what our instinctive feeling, that inner voice, is trying to tell us.

How did I tap into my intuition despite being in the midst of chaos surrounding my personal and professional life? Incorporating simple energy healing techniques to develop my razor sharp intuition.

My top strategies that have not failed me over the past decade each time I took a leap of faith include Reiki (energy healing) techniques, journaling methods, and visualization strategies.

We aren’t just talking clearing energy blocks, journaling out your thoughts, and affirmations. Those are all great methods but let’s get into specific techniques that take it a step further…

In order to get to where we want to go, we need to align ourselves to same frequency of where we want to be.

No one is perfect so all we have to do is try our very very best. And our very very best means to be in alignment at least 51% of the time. Now if you are in alignment even 60% of the time or more, you’ll start seeing things happen even sooner.

Raising our vibration isn’t just about having an attitude of gratitude and positive thoughts. Affirmations and visualizations are great manifesting techniques, but we can take it a step further in these practices.

Rather than just visualizing your goals actually feel and live as if you already achieved the goals. This allows you to vibrate at the same frequency of having already achieved those goals.

So sink into your body and imagine yourself already there.

For instance, prior to purchasing my car, I was not viewing that dream car from afar. I was getting specific by imagining how the wheel will feel like when I made a left turn to drive up my driveway.

Let’s break it down a bit further. Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid when manifesting your goals and desires.  Be prepared to start to notice results sooner than you think! 

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid:

  1. Applying strategies that worked in the past, to the present. Some tips and tricks are just not meant to be recycled! You’ve evolved from the last challenge and are vibrating at a different frequency so the old solution may not be the most appropriate for the new challenge at hand. Be open to new strategies!
  2. Working only on the outside. Want faster results? Gotta dig deep to look within! When approaching your biggest frustration on an energetic level, you can tackle the mental, emotional and even physical roadblocks getting in our way.
  3. Assuming we are suppose to be on a linear path. This can be a huge motivational killer. Don’t get down on yourself if things aren’t going the way you want. Remember, there’s a silver lining in every “wrong” turn! So many lessons to be learned when we start to focus on the journey, not the destination. That’s what makes life meaningful after all!
  4. Misinterpreting your authentic voice. It’s easy to give in to the negative self-talk so distinguish your inner voice and that inner debating committee. Learn how to energetically tap into your intuition here.
  5. Not knowing your calling. This goes hand in hand with #2. We must look deep within to get to know ourselves first in order to manifest faster breakthroughs.

Need clarity on your life purpose? Incorporate simple energy healing tips into your busy lifestyle to find more peace and balance!

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