3 Steps to Create Your Life Vision

Need to get clear on your life vision? With the ebbs and flows of life changes, sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back when things are not turning out the way we envisioned. 

Most times we focus on tackling our blocks on a physical, emotional, and mental level. Rarely do we approach our problems from an energetic angle.

Combining Reiki universal energy and the law of attraction into your routine can make all the difference in busting through stubborn blocks!

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As various mainstream media from Vanity FairNewsweek, to Oprah has covered holistic healing, many have wondered if energy healing is effective. Here’s what I know to be true.

Years ago, I went through a series of personal and professional life crises.

Though most would describe me as an upbeat and down-to-earth gal, deep down, I was miserable. I tried everything but kept feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. In the midst of anxiety and bouts of depression, I kept changing jobs, moving locations…yet nothing seemed to work.

Here’s what happened at one of my lowest points…

Broke up with a guy that I was set on marrying…couldn’t stand my office job and cried myself to sleep on Friday nights because I dreaded Mondays…had a falling out with my best friend…and a meltdown in front of a manager…unfortunately, the list goes on.

Life was chaotic but that didn’t mean I had to stay at rock bottom. 

For months, I worked with various energy healers and yoga mentors to clear blocks holding me back from tapping into my intuition. The clarity and insight I gained felt drastic once I faced my mental and emotional blocks.

I ended my work contract overseas and got on the airplane to move back to the US. Within 24 hours of landing, I bought my condo and car.

Yes…from the airport, to the hotel, then my realtor’s office, into the realtor’s car, viewed the condo, 20-minutes later, put down the offer. Next morning, I bought the Prius! Oh yeah, after getting unstuck, I met the man of my dreams less than a month later.

That was almost 3 years ago and I still have no buyers remorse on the car, condo, and am still madly in love with my Mr. Right! How did I make such large purchases in such a short amount of time with so much confidence and clarity? And so quickly?

Most times we manifest breakthroughs by tackling our challenges on a physical, emotional, and mental level. Rarely do we look at how to take on life challenges on the energetic level.

Don’t get me wrong, I stand by meditations, visualizations, journaling, and exercising as effective healing techniques that can feed the soul. In my experience, Reiki energy healing greatly complements all these helpful holistic practices.

Based on the law of attraction, when we raise our energetic vibrations, we are able to attract who and what we want into our lives.

Reiki energy healing works with the law of attraction to clear blocks and enhance your energetic health. Being consistent in incorporating energy work into your daily routine is key to boosting your vibrations.

Why? The key to getting to where you want to go in your personal and professional life is to be in alignment with the vibrational frequency of where you want to be.

Ready to raise your vibrations to match the frequency of where you want be to you can stop spinning your wheels? Get out of that funk! Sometimes when manifesting, our results turn out to be better than what we expected. 

Other times, not so much. 

If you find yourself needing to reassess your life purpose or needing to figure out your calling, try the below writing, meditation and visualization exercise. 

Start by writing down your responses to these questions. Let your thoughts flow freely and simply write down whatever comes to mind. 

1. Finish the sentence:

I am most passionate about ________.

I am best in the world at __________.

I want to be remembered for _________.

2. Sitting or Walking Meditation (5-minutes a day):

If time, money, education, experience were no issue, you had zero constraints in the world, what would you do?

3. Imagine your life in the future, what does it look like?

-Feel like? Let’s get specific!

-Where do you live?

-How do you make money?

-What will the community feel like?

-What do you do in your free time?

-How do you care for yourself? Body? Mind?

-What are you grateful for?

Ready to bust through those stubborn blocks that seem to keep getting in the way? 

Grab your free Vision Planner and a complimentary 30-minute Reiki session here.


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