3 Hidden Signs Indicating You’re On the Right Track

Feeling stuck in your career? Conflicted about an ongoing issue at home? 

No worries, you may be closer to that breakthrough than you think!

A lot of times, we are drawn to make choices that seem irrational on the surface. But if that’s what our intuition, our higher self, that instinctive feeling, is saying, then it’s the right choice.

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Just know you’re not alone when it comes to wondering if you are on the right track.

Throughout my 20’s and early 30’s, I’ve taken multiple leaps of faith, especially when I was at rock bottom.

Bought a condo within 20-minutes of viewing it? Check. Bought a car less than 24 hours later? Check. Left a secure 9-5 job without a Plan B? Did that too and still no regrets!

And all while my personal and professional life was falling apart. Even during times when there was a lot of chaos in my life, I was able to make major decisions with clarity.

I had full confidence that I was on the right track. But it definitely didn’t seem like that was the case to my family and friends. Breakthroughs are easy to predict once you know where to look!

Every challenging period has a breaking point and most of these obstacles weaken without showing any obvious signs of weakening.

Though there are plenty of ways to tell if you’re about to get what you want. These are just my top 3 signs that have I’ve come across over the past decade of experiencing major milestone transitions each time I’ve taken a leap of faith.

Whether you hit a wall or are starting to feel something isn’t quite working out, then pay attention to these 3 signs indicating you’re likely on the right track.

1. Half Steps: Before a major breakthrough, typically aspects of what you want will start to show up. However, it’s typically not the “complete package.”

For instance, if you are planning to buy a car and car is advertised at the dealership that meets all the requirements that you want in your ideal car but, it’s just not in your price range.

That is a sign that you are close but not quite there yet. Sometimes, it might ultimately be that it is the car for you, but you have to work a little harder to get closer to being able to afford it.

If this is happening to you right now, maintain your focus, your energy, on your ultimate goal. Don’t settle. Be ok with adjusting some of your requirements, like giving up that sun roof or leather seats. Note though that there is a difference between being flexible on your criteria and settling on a major issue.

2. Money flow changes: Money is energy. When going through a major life transition, money flow will either slow down or stop coming in.

When moving from one life stage to another, like being jobless to being employed, your energetic frequency changes. It’s a huge lifestyle transition. When jobless, you’re vibrating at a certain frequency. The version of you that is employed vibrates at a higher frequency.

In between the two stages of frequency, this is the transition stage. When in transition, money flow, which is basically energy flow, can either slow down or stop completely.

It stops because the vibrational energy aligned with the old version of you is shifting gears. During transition, there is a gap before money (energy) aligns with the new version of you.

Along the same lines, money could start to flow immediately when you’re aligned with your purpose. Everything starts to flow again because energetically you are aligned when you’re answering a calling. Thus, notice for the shifts in money flow.

3. Unforeseen shifts: Notice if there are unforeseen shifts in your routine. When you’re transitioning into that new phase, you may unexpectedly come across new people that will help you get closer to your goal. Or at least point in you in the right direction.

You might start seeing things differently and even eating differently. These are all related to shifts in frequency. Big issues tend to get resolved in order to make space for what you desire. This could be credit card debts being resolved.

When big solutions start to show up, it means you’ve shifted frequencies and you’re starting to align with the desired outcome.

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  1. Another sign is the article you needed to read right now showing up in your newsfeed/inbox!
    It seems to be happening a lot to me lately and I feel a transition might be on its way, I’m especially interested by the relationship with the flow of money and changes in our personal vibrations.

    1. Haha! Couldn’t agree more on how the timing of signs can be impeccable when it comes to our newsfeed!

  2. I love the idea of getting your energy aligned with your purpose. This is good. I’m really try to pay more attention to the frequency’s I’m putting out.

    1. Great, life can be smoother when you work with the law of attraction! May you attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want as you align with your purpose.

    1. Yay, I’m excited for you! May things start aligning sooner for you as you notice more and more signs around you:)

    1. So glad that you came across this article at the right time. May you start noticing more signs around you!

  3. So glad I came across this post! Definitely something I needed to read. Looks like I’m headed in the right direction after feeling stuck for so long 🙂

    1. That’s great! Cheers to you for being on track to where you want to go in life!

  4. These 3 signs are spot on, but kind of hard to recognize when you’re in the thick of it. Especially when it comes to money. I’m becoming more aware of it now, but it’s still a biggie for me

    1. Agreed! It can be hard to notice the signs surrounding us when we are in the midst of chaos. Sometimes when times get rough, it’s when people give up rather than using the signs to continue moving forward. May you notice more signs each day forward!

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